Olive, the symbol of the goddess Athena

The olive has been known since ancient times, and its origin is probably from the area of ​​the eastern Mediterranean. The homeland of the olive tree, according to the ancient Greek tradition, is Athens, where the first olive tree was planted by the goddess Athena on the Acropolis. The first folk to cultivate olives in the European Mediterranean area were the Greeks. Its fruit is very essential for the Mediterranean diet, it is also a wonderful source of monounsaturated fatty acids. Olive provides fiber and minerals to the body and is a source of vitamin E, which is a natural antioxidant.

 The fruit of the olive tree ripens in the middle to the end of autumn when the harvest begins or the “liomazoma”.There are many varieties of olives, it is worth noting that some olives are suitable only for eating and others only for the production of olive oil. Here in Laconia are cultivated mainly the table olives of Kalamon, which are considered one of the best table varieties of olives and show a continuous increase both in Greece and abroad. In 2011, Greece was ranked third among the 10 main olive-producing countries.

Virgin olive oil

Virgin olive oil is produced by mechanical processing of the olive fruit in the olive mills. “Virgin olive oils” are classified and categorized in detail under the following names, depending on their free fatty acid content (acidity) and with some specific characteristics laid down for each category:
Exceptional virgin olive oil (acidity ≤ 0,8%)
Virgin olive oil (acidity ≤ 2,0%)
Lampante oil (acidity >2,0%)

Biological and Conventional Olives Kalamon

 Table olives are one of the most important fermented products vegetable origins in the food industry. Kalamon olives are harvested late in November-December and sometimes until January. The olives are processed on the basis of the Greek type of method for the manufacture of natural black olives in brine. The various steps that are followed are Harvesting, Transport to the processing site, Classification, Washings with water, Putting in brine, Fermentation of olives, Classification and Grading by size ,and Packaging.
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